Friday, March 28, 2014

Miss Chloe Mae!

Alright, so this is a little late but a little over 5 months ago on November 1st 2013 we added a baby girl to our little family. 8:39 am, 6 lbs 1 oz ,19 and 1/2 inches long, 10 fingers, 10 toes, the most beautiful red pouty lips, cute little nose, and precious cry that mom thought was so funny. I gave up sleep that day in exchange for a little piece of Heaven. Awww so cheesy!  Seriously though, she's the best ever.
 First family photo <3

 Snuggle bug! We used to spend whole days like this :)
 Best daddy ever. 
 For our first outing we went with Nana to Daddy's store and had dinner. In Logan.

One of her very first baths. So small!

So lately though… Chloe weighs 15 lbs! What!? I know, she's giant! She can roll over from belly to back both ways and back to belly! (Although that one is a little harder.) She really enjoys toys right now especially her rubber ducky (even though he's so hard to hold on to!) (Whom she likes to kiss… a lot!) Her rattle (it's not fun to shake, just fun to eat!) Her teething rings, they make good bracelets too. She just inherited one of mom's old baby dolls and likes to kiss her and have her sit in the swing with her. And best of all- her hands and feet! Of course mom and especially dad are the funnest to play with but when they're doing homework or cleaning (who am I kidding?) toys are the next best thing.  And she is still in love with her binkies! 

Chloe and I have been going "swimming" on wednesdays with some other parents and babies in the ward. It's really fun and a good opportunity for Chloe to get used to water. She really enjoys her baths and doesn't seem to mind at all when we're in the pool. 

She also really enjoys tasting some of the things mom and dad eat. Her favorites are: raspberries, pummellos, or any citrus fruit, and ice-cream. She also likes to try mom's water whenever mom takes a drink. She is getting super interested in our food and we're excited to start cereals and other things with her. 

She's afraid of pretty much everyone now except for mom, dad, and Nana- who looks a lot like mom! Even baby whisperers like Uncle Steve make her scream… It's a little sad. 

She loves playing with daddy especially when he touches her feet to her head. And likes bouncing on mommy's lap or getting her belly blown on. 

She loves sitting in her swing and can sit there for hours happy as a clam! (Which is soooo nice for me to do homework) And she really enjoys the baby channel on TV haha she loves to talk, scream and giggle at the characters.

She is so close to crawling that she gets super frustrated. She is so good at grabbing things though and is getting really close to sitting up by her-self as well. 

Alright, how about some pictures?
 She's such a happy girl!

 When we were going through daddy's boxes from home we found lots of cool stuff!
 Her fun Bumbo from Shaylee and Travis Price (Who just had their own little baby boy!)

 She used to be able to fall asleep anywhere… those were the good days. 
 This was during our move from Logan, UT back to Rexburg, ID :)

 She also loves going for walks and we have to get all sorts of bundled up for the cold weather outside. This snow suit (as well as a ton of other clothes) is a gift from our precious Ellie who passed away at the end of January. 
 She loves reading and this is her favorite book. From Grammie and Poppy for Christmas.

 Our little frog after a bath :) Also a gift from Grammie and Poppy.

 An Ellie dress that we wore to church.
Flipped upside-down and onto her back in her crib… silly girl.

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